sinθ is an international print-based creative arts magazine made by and for the Sino diaspora.

ISSUE #18 “MORNING 朝” is now available for order.


How do your days begin? Does it start with a crack, the sizzling of an egg? Does it creep into being, like the sky at dawn?


What happens when the residual clings onto you––will it become a thing onto itself? Can you unravel an idea, or does the act of doing so get you caught up in another?


To whom do you owe your perspective—and from whom should you seek insight? Where is the breaking point—and what will the aftermath sing?

ISSUE #15 "MAGIC (魔)"

How do we view the world when our traditional logic is upended? What power does one draw from the mystical in times of resilience and survival?

ISSUE #14, “PERFUME (香)“

Which are the aromas coaxing you to sleep at night? Which are the whiffs you track to a fight? Which are the trails you follow home?