sinθ is an international print-based creative arts magazine made by and for the Sino diaspora.

ISSUE #16 “VERTEX 角” is available for order.


To whom do you owe your perspective—and from whom should you seek insight? Where is the breaking point—and what will the aftermath sing?

ISSUE #15 "MAGIC (魔)"

How do we view the world when our traditional logic is upended? What power does one draw from the mystical in times of resilience and survival?

ISSUE #14, “PERFUME (香)“

Which are the aromas coaxing you to sleep at night? Which are the whiffs you track to a fight? Which are the trails you follow home?

ISSUE #13, "FORM (形)"

What do an over-easy egg, seas of clouds, your mother’s coffin, and a lie have in common?

ISSUE #12, "THUNDER (雷)"

"Are the fish truly trapped in the pond? The minute they meet the storm, they become dragons." -Qian Cai (Story of Yue Fei)