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"The wisdom to adapt is the wisdom to have two languages: the one spoken to others, and the one spoken to oneself." -Yiyun Li (To Speak is to Blunder)

Stepping into spring, Sine Theta Magazine is pleased to announce the release of Issue #11 “GATE 口"!

In our newest issue, we are excited to present to you a carefully curated collection of art, personal essays, poetry and photography alongside exclusive interviews with multimedia artist Zhang Jian Jun and emerging student ceramicist Annalee Tai to inspire our readers in all stages of creative work. Furthermore, our Art Director, Chi Siegel, was part of the W.O.W Maker Series discussion the past month and is delighted to share with you an in-depth profile of our New York stockist, Wing On Wo & Co., and its initiatives in preserving Chinese creative culture.

This issue is abundant in personal essays written by Patricia Kelly Tan Yeo, Suan Quah, Claire Doran, Jessica Chu and our Editor in Chief, Jiaqi Kang, offering our readers a gateway to womanhood, material culture, confining spaces, shaky boundaries and unforgettable teenage angst. Running on the blurred edges of reality and imagination and exploring the spaces we occupy, the fantastical artwork in this issue includes the Augmented Chinatown project by Donald Shek and pieces by Marquisha Lu, Anita Yan Wong, Megan Lim, and more! Other works include breath-taking poetry accompanied by vivid photography of the places between the earth and the sky.

Brought to you by our creators, staff and supporters, Issue #11 "GATE 口" opens us to spaces and territories, to crossing borders and barriers, and to finding one’s place and voice.

Keep posted for the full version of Annalee Tai’s interview to be released on Medium.

Front and back cover featuring works by Chunfeng Lu.

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