ISSUE 11 "GATE (口)"

sinθ #11: "GATE (口)" will be released on May 5, 2019.

Submissions are open until April 2. For more information, please read our submission guidelines.

Creators may wish to engage with the following prompts:

doors - fences - walls - boundaries and thresholds / microcosms / opening and closing / opportunity and chance - luck - fate and destiny / traditional chinese courtyards e.g. qiao family compound - raise the red lantern (dir. zhang yimou) - 四合院 and urban transformation / river deltas / exploration - expedition - colonial and imperial projects / square shapes / daoist idea of round sky and square earth / mouths - voice and voicelessness / to speak is to blunder by yiyun li - mother tongues and foreign languages - code switching / [de]territorialisation - transitory/liminal spaces - the diasporic or postcolonial body and its relationship to territory / gatekeeping within marginalised communities

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