sinθ #12 - "THUNDER (雷)" will be released in August 2019. Submissions are now closed.

Contributors may wish to consider the following conceptual prompts:

summer rain - humidity and sweat - tropical weather - petrichor - suffocation / thunderstorm by cao yu / the tempest by shakespeare / rage and fury - fighting fire with fire - shock and panic - dread / gods of thunder - religious and devotional experience - icons - iconography - iconoclasm - superheroes - guan yu deified / monkey king creates havoc in heaven / supernatural forces - the monumental / wagner’s operas / paralysis / lightning bugs - fireflies by owl city / love at first sight (coup de foudre) - enlightenment and wisdom

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Don’t forget about our first writing competition judged by Sharlene Teo and Nancy Huang! Submit your entry engaging with one or more of the quotes by July 15!