What do an over-easy egg, seas of clouds, your mother’s coffin, and a lie have in common?

Find out in sinθ Issue #13 “FORM 形”—an exploration of all the strangest, best-loved mis- and displaced shapes and shapeshifters in our lives. We hope this issue will help you examine your surroundings and treasured objects in a new light to uncover dissembling forms that complicate themselves when gently cracked open.

In this issue:

  • Editor-in-chief Jiaqi Kang Kang muses on the common denominator of racism that often unites diasporic experiences and sinθ’s hopes for a deeper, schistic understanding of the rickety, amorphous, beautiful thing that is diasporic identity in her latest riveting editorial
  • Art director Elisabeth Siegel had the opportunity to sit down with Yale’s Director of Undergraduate Studies for Architecture, Dr. Joyce Hsiang, to converse about Dr. Hsiang’s foundations and familial influences in the architectural field, her perceptions of “sustainability,” and anticipated future projects
  • More shortlisted pieces from our summer writing competition, including new editorial intern Stephanie Chang’s startlingly cleaved yet romantic poem “What the Rabbits Saw;” Allison Huang’s roiling, recoiling fictive piece on woman-/mother-hood, sacrifice, and exoticization, “For the Woman Who Could Eat Anything; Alice Liang’s poem pulling rich viscerality from the pocket of a summer night, “雨羽;” and K. K. Mai’s wrangling with flagging memory of the past and mooning promises of the future in “Black Umbrellas”
  • Photography interrogating the rigidity of form by Chunfeng Lu, Kevin Lu, Isaac Sy, and Wenkai Wang.
  • Installation art exploring the fluidity of function as art by Julie Lai; Leah Silver; and Tiffany Tang, whom we featured as an Instagram artist of the week
  • Shirley Wang’s visual-conceptual sequence decoding the logic of relationships and sociality
  • Evocative poetry by Cynthia Huang, Jennifer Huang, Grace Lau, April Lim, and Lydia Wei
  • Egg-themed creations by Sonia Cheng and Emily Lu
  • Stirring visual artwork by Diana Chan, Brubey Hu, Robyn Mah, and Weihui Lu
  • Reflective prose work by Kevin Robert Fong on a striking piece of gallery art evoking intergenerational longing and resignation, and by Lily Amelia Susman on papayas, travel, and socio-lingual dissonance