How do we view the world when our traditional logic is upended? What power does one draw from the mystical in times of resilience and survival? How might the magical be a source of escape, or a new mode of confrontation?

Magic is contestable in its nature — a source of fascination and fear, in its capacity to create and unveil strange possibilities. What it reveals is allusive; incomprehensible in its other-worldliness, or its sleight of hand. Sine Theta Magazine is grateful for Issue #15 "MAGIC 魔” in its embrace of the chaotic, love for the grotesque, and vigour of spirit.

In this issue:

  • Art director Chi Siegel caught coffee with poet Sally Wen Mao, tackling speculative fiction and the double-edged blade of representation.
  • Editor-in-chief Jiaqi Kang speaks with writer and Bitter Melon press founder Nina Mingya Powles, touching on the tenuous relationship that diaspora writing has with food, Nina’s ‘Stay Home Diary’ project and the resurgence of small press publication.
  • Works on alternative realities, conversations with spirits and unknown, hooded figures by Victor Xia, Tina Sang, and Amelia Chen
  • Turns of phrase transform our perceptions in our selection of poetry with May Chong, Emma Miao, Lauren Young, Albert Lee, Rochelle Kwan and S. Qiouyi Lu.
  • Visual artwork by Kathi Ha, Natvipa Tejapiabul, Jia Sung, Erica Zhu and Rachel Zhu
  • Enchanting photography with Kenneth Lam and Audrey Lee