Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 15th issue, themed "MAGIC 魔", are officially open! Send us your works on the strange, the mystical, the debauched and the decadent. We want eldritch flames, pungent concoctions, your familial ghosts and experiments in the arcane. How close to magic do you dare tread- and why not closer?

We want poetry that makes its own transfigured logic. Spiritscapes and drawings that exist between the hallucinatory and the phantasmagoric. Maximalist structures amidst the liminal parameters of sense. We want to see what magic you practice....

Submissions are due SUNDAY, MARCH 22, to for full consideration of your work(s). Submission requirements can be found here. Feel free to email us pitches in advance.

Written prompts:

folklore, myths, and legends - demons - ghosts - dragons - phoenix - fox spirits and animal spirits - dark magic / journey to the west - 81 calamities / investiture of the gods / legend of the condor heroes - jianghu and wuxia / strange stories from a chinese studio / magic realism - fabulism - the magical and the mystical in urban or modern settings / artifice and facades / door gods - nianhua - rural ritual and religion / natural wonders / obsession /

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