转弯磨角: 。。。To follow the winding path; to speak in revolutions.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 16th issue, themed “VERTEX 角”, are officially open! We want your responses to the winding path away from certainty. The mathematical curve of a graph, coupled with your cutting angles. To whom do you owe your perspective to, and from whom should you seek insight? Where will the breaking point be, and what will the aftermath look like? This issue asks for submissions with sharp convictions, but also the rippled nuance that comes with the knowledge of purview as partial.

Submissions have been extended to July 19, 11:59 PM PDT. Please send submissions to for full consideration of your work(s). Submission requirements can be found at here. Feel free to email us pitches in advance.


ways of being - ways of knowing - ways of seeing / looking at - looking from - looking beyond / alternative perspectives - alternative communities / geometry - trigonometry - triangles - squares - mathematical theorems, proofs and properties - absolutes / animals with horns & antlers eg goats, rams, deer, antelopes, rhinos, reptiles - animals that sting or are venomous eg bees, wasps, hornets, snakes - unicorns, sea dragons - fish scales and dragon scales / pinpricks / fungi - fairy rings / salt fish girl by larissa lai / sleeping beauty / sharp edges and things / mazes and labyrinths / vertigo / the multisemic and polyphonic - the chromatic - the wobbly, shapeless, slippery / tattoos / relics - fragments

Visual Prompts can be found here.