What happens when the residual clings onto you––will it become a thing onto itself? Can you unravel an idea, or does the act of doing so get you caught up in another?

Sticky are the fingers which touch the tree sap. Sticky are the trappings of an arachnid. Sticky is human contact, is mud up to the arms, is the surreal landscape, is the sticking of teeth to gummy texture and the repetition of the ‘sk’ sound when you mimic that motion. sinθ #17 “STICKY 粘” loves the work that stays past its due; resists cleanliness and division.

In this issue:

  • The runner-ups of sinθ’s second annual magazine Summer Writing Competition are featured, with poetry by Carissa Cheow and May Chong, as well as prose by Julia Merican, Liwen Xu and Qianze Zhang.
  • Editor-in-chief Jiaqi Kang profiles Berlin-based Panamanian video artist Laura Fong Prosper. They discuss saturated colour, artistic ethnography and tracing lineages of migration, and creation by destruction in deliberate glitching across analog and digital mediums.
  • Editor Yue Chen interviews filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang and discuss the mediation between performance and visuality in music video production, communion in the making of a queer, Asian romance, and re-imagining movie protagonists as passive actors.
  • Web Editor Hayley Wu speaks to artist Leah Putnam for the student spotlight. They discuss spontaneous animation, white privilege in Hong Kong, and making mahjong tiles and tuft gun carpets.
  • Landscapes, people at leisure and portraits find themselves in Lucie Quémener’s felt-tip, watercolour and graphite works as well as Kitty Ng’s painting.
  • Short fiction by Jennifer Chiu, May Hathaway, Crystal Peng, Fia Zhang Swanson, Juliette Wu and Frank Zhou.
  • Koby Chen startles with a photo on teeth and white rabbit candy; Sophia Meng presents a series of embroidered works with Sino foods.
  • Poems by Jewel Cao, Jennifer Chiu, Corine Huang, Adeline Loh, Yong Yu Huang, Iris Yu, Alison Zheng, Lily Zhou, and Annie Zhu.