How do your days begin? Does it start with a crack, the sizzling of an egg? Does it creep into being, like the sky at dawn?

朝 as in morning. Maybe you are already awake: you rise before the sun and greet it. Or maybe you are still dreaming, and will let sunlight make its way into your room to find you. 朝 also means dynasty; not just the new but what comes before, a lineage. sinθ #18 “MORNING 朝” is pleased to bring works that waken, yet understand themselves to be in the wake of the processes around them.

In this issue:

  • Bright colors permeate this issue, radiating out in cover artist Yunan Ma’s textile pieces and Nuohan Jiang’s jawbreaker sculpture.
  • Art director Lis Chi Siegel profiles June Xie, mastermind of Delish’s ‘Budget Eats’ series. Xie speaks about her transition from commercial kitchens to senior food producer at Delish, class inequalities in food systems and culinary culture, as well as questioning what ‘authenticity’ means in cooking.
  • Lis Chi Siegel also interviews Elieen Huang and Sabrina Lin of ‘The WeChat Project’, an intervention against right-leaning and generally misinformed content on WeChat. Huang and Lin speak about combating anti-Blackness amongst the Sino diaspora and ‘The WeChat Project’ as a potential site of Black and Asian solidarity.
  • Web editor Hayley Wu interviews Leung Rachel Ka Yin for the student spotlight. They discuss Leung’s journey as a writer, as well as the state of literary spaces in Hong Kong and online.
  • Quiet morning rituals feature in Naomi Segal’s illustration, Tommy Kha’s bedroom portraits and Cairo Mo’s digital art. Mo’s linoleum prints and Weihui Lu’s paintings are rendered in bold vivid lines, much like a sunny morning.
  • Morning is at the heart of short stories by Dri Chiu Tattersfield, Joyce Huang, and Jenny Li. A prose poem by Alton Melvar M. Dapanas sketches a landscape on the edge of dawn; Jenny Wu’s hybrid piece ‘Sleeping Sickness’ explores the liminal spaces between waking and sleeping in art and film.
  • Themes of dynasty find themself amongst the poetry of Esther Sun, Tan Tzy Jiun and Ashley Wang. The issue also features poetry by Juliana Fan, Nicole Lee and Issac You.