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旁午走急。。。to rush to a place from every direction; numerous interlacings, complex situations.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 19th issue, themed “HIGH NOON 午”, are officially open! Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, Sine Theta Magazine is now a paying publication - all contributors will be paid $10 USD. Read our submission guidelines for more details.

We want works set under a scorching sun. Art with the drama of a Western stand-off, ready to meet us at its centre. Tell us a story about confrontation. Maybe it's a space opera set on the cusp of abolition, or a personal encounter which cuts straight into the heart of the matter. Will you make a work that opens from multiple positions, then hones in on a center? This issue asks for submissions with heat and blazing light; pieces which capture the apex of a moment, as well as the cycles they are woven into.

Submissions are due MONDAY, APRIL 5, 11:59 PM PDT to for full consideration of your work(s). Visit our submissions guidelines for more details. Feel free to DM or email us with any questions you may have; we welcome pitches ahead of time!

Visual prompts can be found here.

Verbal prompts:

middles - means and averages - meeting in the middle - compromises - unexpected encounters / high noon meetings - cowboys - duels - westerns - space westerns and space operas - frontiers - land and land rights - colonialism - imperialism - indigeneity - decoloniality - abolition - “the intimacies of four continents” by lisa lowe / sun - stars - the big bang - the heat death of the universe / 24 solar terms of the chinese farming calendar - time and non-linear time - relationships and dialogues with the non-human - bakhtin’s concepts of the grotesque and carnivalesque