Rounding off our series of issues dedicated to the turning of the day, sinθ #20 “EVENING 暮” brings us works which defers and alters a set path. Evening is a greeting and a farewell, a time of rest and play, a brief period of freedom between the labor of the day and night’s call for sleep.

Also featured in this issue are the winners of our Summer Writing Contest, now in its third iteration. We are especially grateful to our Rebecca F. Kuang and Chen Chen for serving as judges for our fiction and prose judges respectively this year.

  • This issue features:
  • The winners of the third annual sinθ magazine Summer Writing Contest, Celeste Chen (“The Wedding Dress”, Fiction) and Alice Liang (“Untitled, 2020 (after Ren Hang)”, Poetry).
  • Several other shortlisted entries from the third annual sinθ magazine Summer Writing Contest by Anne Chen, Yong-Yu Huang, Joyce Kung, Nova Wang, Adeline Loh and Amy Wang.
  • Managing Editor Chi Siegel interviews Kaixi Yang, a polymathic artist from New Zealand. They discuss art production as a means to gain knowledge, innovating for technological solutions, and designing a world that is beautiful and easy to survive in.
  • Chi Siegel also interviews indie musician Ginger Root (aka Cameron Lew). Known for its “aggressive electronic soul”, Ginger Root discussed the genesis of the project, Lew's other creative pursuits and Ginger Root's upcoming EP, City Slicker.
  • Web editor Hayley Wu speaks to Annika Cheng for this issue’s student spotlight; they discuss fiber art as a medium and the nebulousness of Chinese America.
  • Visual artwork by Amanda Xy Yuan, Anson Lin and Stephanie Sosa.
  • Prose by Jade Song and Victor Xia.
  • Poems by An Li, Natacia Lim and Jasmine Wang.