ISSUE #21 “BOX 盒”

鈿合金釵。。。to package your affections; a symbol between lovers.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 21st issue, themed “BOX 盒”, are officially open! Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, Sine Theta Magazine is a paying publication–all contributors will be paid $10 USD per piece. Read our submission guidelines for more details.

A box closes its mouth to become itself. It is unclear whether the box wants to keep what is in, block what is out, or both, or neither. This issue asks for works with coherent logics; which understand the box as both protective and exclusionary. Will you play by the rules of enclosure, or will you construct a box of impossible geometries? Perhaps your piece is a secret for someone you care for intimately. Or perhaps it is transparent all the way through, longing for the gaze of strangers. 盒盒盒盒:the sound of a throaty laugh, anticipating what is to come.

Submissions are due SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 11:59 PM PDT to for full consideration of your work(s). Visit our submission guidelines for more details. Feel free to DM or email us with any questions you may have; we welcome pitches ahead of time!

Written prompts:

boxes as worlds in and of themselves - boxes as places to keep objects, memories, people, feelings - pandora’s box / inside - outside / collapsing of boxes / playing with form - learning rules to break them / the 4th dimension - space and time - the fermi paradox / containers - cargo - transport - import and export / furniture - antiques - material culture / rubix cubes - puzzle boxes - codes - murder mysteries / edward hopper’s portrayals of architecture and interiors - homes and houses - the everyday / dreams - dream sharing / enclosure - commons / m.c. escher’s impossible cube