烟炎张天。。。smoke spreads across the sky; a choking, oppressive sensation.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 24th issue, themed “EMBER 炎” are officially open! Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, Sine Theta Magazine is a paying publication—all contributors will be paid $10 USD per piece.

The sun has not set in days. The sky, the color of a forest fire. The clouds are inflamed, heavy with the truth. You are parched and breaking into a sweat. You are always breaking into a sweat.

“EMBER 炎” seeks works that consider the second law of thermodynamics—that entropy always increases with time. We want works that are disordered, that collapse into themselves; works whose atoms rearrange to birth different meanings, possibilities, narratives... We ask for works that show us exactly what it feels like to be alive in a burning world—the unbearable excruciation and exhilaration of it all.

Submissions are due FRIDAY, JUNE 24, at 11:59 PM PDT to for full consideration of your work(s). Visit for submissions guidelines. Feel free to DM or email us with any questions you may have; we welcome pitches sent ahead of the deadline!

Submittors may wish to consider the following prompts:

heat death of the universe - dying stars - cold stars / mushroom clouds / trials by fire / fire as destruction - arson - xiamen dada burning their art in november 1986 / fire as rebirth - rising from ashes - phoenixes - fenghuang - gods of fire / campfire horror stories - folk tales - urban legends - rumor - gossip / passion / slash and burn agriculture - land rights and land dispossession - land and landscape as alive - indentured labor - forms of unfree labor / mars (火星) - the color red / small pockets of warmth / “the city of ember” by jeanne duprau / where there's smoke there's fire - smoke signals / lantern festival