夏蟲朝菌。。。A fleeting existence; a momentary burst of life, from which death grows.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 26th issue, themed “FUNGUS 菌” are officially open! Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, Sine Theta Magazine is a paying publication—all contributors will be paid $10 USD per piece.

In The Mushroom at the End of the World, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing writes:

“Fungi are famous for changing shape in relation to their encounters and environments. Many are “potentially immortal”, meaning they die from disease, or lack of resources, but not from old age… we rarely imagine life without such limits—and when we do we stray into magic.”

“FUNGUS 菌" asks for works in which life and death are ever-reciprocal, ever-intertwined. Pieces that take up space between the cracks, creating networks with no beginning and end, eating the surface it holds together. What does it mean to understand the world as infinitely changeable, the way a mushroom does? Might the fungus lead us to means of resistance and resilience, when there is so much operating against our survival? Show us the contours of these paths.

Submissions are due MONDAY, 12 DECEMBER, at 11:59 PM PST to for full consideration of your work(s). Visit for submissions guidelines. Feel free to DM or email us with any questions you may have; we welcome pitches sent ahead of the deadline!

Submittors may wish to consider the following prompts:

mushrooms - fungi - lichen - forests - rot - mold - decomposition / the armillaria ostoyae in oregon, the largest organism on earth / foraging - gathering - methods of survival - rewilding - guerrilla gardening - urban farming / transplantation - regeneration - regrowth / the mushroom at the end of the world (2015) by anna tsing - ecocritical perspectives - the anthropocene - multi-species and inter-species histories, entanglements and narratives - precarity - contingency - the body under capitalism - apocalypse and post-apocalypse / bacteria - illness - cleanliness and dirt - pollution / poison / ideas of the rural, the countryside, and landscape / rhizomatic relationships - symbiosis / the esoteric and the cryptic - cryptozoology - xenobiology / the prehistoric / rosewater trilogy (2016-19) by tade thompson / collective consciousness - clairvoyance - hivemind - information networks - power circuits / indigenous food systems - honorable harvest / psychedelia - hallucinations - 1960s counterculture - MKUltra / the grateful dead / redwall feasts / the foundations of decay (2022) by my chemical romance