What does it mean to understand the world as infinitely changeable, the way a mushroom does? Might the fungus lead us to means of resistance and resilience, when there is so much operating against our survival? sinθ #26 “FUNGUS 菌" is a breeding ground of pieces that take up space between the cracks, creating networks with no beginning or end, eating the surface it holds together.

In this issue:

  • Managing Editor Lis Chi Siegel attends Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey’s London concert and speaks to her about her experience as a genre-blending contemporary jazz artist.
  • Junior Editor Eli Hsieh talks to Malaysian travel and food writer Florentyna Leow about Leow’s essay collection, How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart.
  • For our Student Spotlight feature, Web Editor Hayley Wu gets to know UK-based poet Eric Yip; they talk through ideas of language, authenticity, and the value of taking your time.
  • Sean Wai Keung and Sydney Trieu deftly intertwine food with nostalgia in their writing, whilst Kate Ray walks us through a grounding meal-concert experience.
  • Staff Contributor C. Grace Chang and Taiwanese American multidisciplinary artist Vincent Chong discuss ideas of the body, perspective, and calligraphy, and how this influences their portraiture practice.
  • Aristotle X and Grace Kwan draw from folklore and anthropological theory respectively in their gentle poems.
  • Fungus Amongus share their collective zine, grounded by ideas of mycelium networks.
  • Writing by Heather Qin and Carolyn Tung will startle and delight, exploring the limits of mortality and the apocalypse.
  • Poetry by Kimberley Chia and Emily Lu Gao digs into decay and existence.
  • Digital art by Jacelyn Yap and Juliette Wu takes us to realms of magic and surrealism; work by Ames Ma, Joy Wong, Jen Li, and Gigi Wong draws from the depths of the natural and material world we live in.

Front cover by Alice F. Wang.