Issue #7 was released in May 2018. Its theme was "MUD 泥".

This issue, themed in deep reflection and natural imagery, takes the visceral impulses of creation and translates them into art. Our editor-in-chief, Jiaqi Kang, interviewed founding member of the 1970s activist Stars Art Group and currently British-based artist Qu Leilei about his relationship, past and present, with art as political and self-expression. Art director Chi Siegel conversed with Junzi Kitchen founder Chef Lucas Sin on modern Chinese American cuisine and the balance between tradition and possibility wrapped up in a bite of northern Chinese-styled delicacies.

"MUD 泥“ features poetry, prose, installations, photography, cinematography, and visual art from Sino diasporic artists worldwide; including a self-produced theatrical show about imposed expectations by Kimberly Huang, a short story centering a dim sum trolley girl's journey towards self-actualization by Claire Cao, and an installation capturing the lifelike essence of clay and form by Lux Habrich.