Issue #10 was released in February 2019. Its theme was THRIVE 盛.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

Sine Theta Magazine is thrilled to welcome the prosperous, flourishing year of the boar with the official release of Issue #10 “THRIVE 盛”! Presenting poetry, photography, short stories, personal narratives and visual art by Sino creatives worldwide, this issue features interviews with visual designer Tiger Dingsun and poet He Dong offering insight on their respective creative influences and practice.

Other works include spatial performance art by C. Grace Chang and Shuang Wu investigating the connection and reconstruction of physical distance, narratives by Lauren Lee and art director Chi Siegel examining the ever-changing sense of the “self,” and poetry by Shicong Xie and editorial intern Li Yu reflecting the waxing and waning of time. Front and back cover featuring works by Anny Chen.