Please email all submissions to along with a brief third-person bio (around 80 words) and your Chinese name if possible. Please format your document title as "NAME - Title [or description, eg Untitled photo essay or 3 poems]".

The Sino diaspora is defined as the people of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, or Macau heritage, who live anywhere away from the original 'homeland' of that heritage. Everyone with Sino ancestry is welcome to contribute to Sine Theta magazine!

Knowledge of Chinese is not necessary to submit. Sine Theta magazine is an English-language publication accessible to all, with a Chinese glossary printed in every issue.


We accept both visual and written features, which must relate to the current theme. Submissions can be fiction or non-fiction, in English or in Chinese. All works must be original. Works do not necessarily have to concern the diasporic experience.

We will not publish work that has already appeared in another publication. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, so long as they are classified as such and we are informed promptly if they are accepted elsewhere.

Upon publication in Sine Theta, publication rights of a work revert to its contributor. Any subsequent publications must acknowledge us, i.e. "first published in Sine Theta Magazine."

Examples of work that we accept include: poetry, prose, narrative essays (作文), photo essays, theoretical essays, individual works of art, comics, one-act plays or screenplays, etc. We are also open to pitches for serialized narratives. Please note that, as we are a quarterly publication, we do not accept news reporting and current-affairs articles. Longform feature reporting or evergreen articles are welcome.

Multiple submissions are encouraged (as long as all submitted works are relevant) as they allow us to choose from a selection and better curate the issue as a whole.

Written work should be in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs format. If a piece is submitted as a Google Doc, please allow editing or commenting rights — not view only. Visual work should be submitted as high-quality scans or well-cropped photography with no shadows.


We generally publish quarterly, every 3 months of the lunar calendar:

  • Issue #6: Chinese January 1 (戊戌 正月初一) = Gregorian February 16 2018
  • Issue #7: Chinese April 1 (戊戌 四月初一) = Gregorian May 15 2018
  • Issue #8: Chinese July 1 (戊戌 七月初一) = Gregorian August 11 2018
  • etc...

Deadlines are generally around 6 weeks before publication. If you would like to submit, please email us as far ahead as possible to express your interest. We will then be able to remind you about submission deadlines.

Please allow around 2 weeks for deliberation. We will notify you of editorial decisions after this time. Those submitting prose are encouraged to send their submission in advance so that editors may give constructive feedback and help strengthen the work.


All contributors whose works have appeared in an issue are eligible to receive a free PDF copy, which is for your own records and not expected to be circulated, and will be featured on our website. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we cannot offer free print editions. We hope that this situation improves in the future as Sine Theta expands, and but as a small independent magazine, this is currently not a viable option for us.

Unfortunately, Sine Theta magazine is currently unable to financially compensate contributors. However, you will receive our eternal gratitude and love, and we will buy you a drink if we meet up!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email!