sinθ (Sine Theta) is a print-based magazine created by an international cohort that aims to connect and empower members of the Sino diaspora like ourselves. Our content is centered around creative expression and celebration of our identity.

The magazine was founded in March 2016 by Jiaqi Kang, Iris Lang, and Michelle Tay.

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Jiaqi Kang 亢嘉琪 (Switzerland/UK)

Art Director:

Elisabeth Siegel 朱明慧 (USA)


Emily Chen 谌月 (USA)

Web Editor:

Jessica Ho 何心容 (USA)

Staff Contributor:

Chelsea Shieh 谢乔乔 (USA)

Assistant Designer:

Jessica Peng 彭高歌 (USA)

Web Contributors:

Natalie Cheung 張雪麟 (Canada)

Deyuan Loo 卢德媛 (Malaysia)

Editorial Interns: Michelle Huang 黄玥 (USA/UK), Li Yu 余丽沙 (USA/UK)

Web Content Interns: Emily Hou 侯佳茵 (USA), Yanxiu Luo 骆砚修 (China/USA/Japan)

Web Design Intern: Jess Liu 刘韶洁 (USA)