sinθ (Sine Theta) is an international print creative arts magazine that connects and empowers members of the Sino diaspora like ourselves. We take submissions of visual art and literature and feature interviews with established and rising creators alike in the magazine.

The Sino diaspora is one of the largest diasporas on the planet. Our mission is to create a platform that highlights the concept of diaspora as one that challenges traditional conceptions of borders while celebrating the creative voices and works of talented Sino visual artists and writers. In addition to our quarterly print magazine, we regularly host online events that connect Sino creatives and other community members across the globe, and we also often feature writers and artists from the diaspora on our social media pages.

Contributing writers and magazine staff have gone on to be featured in and recognized by the Poetry Foundation, Best of the Net, The Best American Poetry, Asian American Writers Workshop, Lambda Literary Award, Pushcart Prize, the Massachusetts Review, Tin House, The Tab’s Future 100, One World/Random House, SOFTBLOW, BOAAT, Winter Tangerine, The Offing, Poetry Society of the U.K., and more. Our visual art contributors have gone on to be featured in and recognized by Los Angeles Magazine, C33 Gallery, Et Al Gallery, Centre Never Apart, Plain Magazine, Tunis International Feminist Art Festival, and more.

Since 2016, sinθ has interviewed creatives from the Sino diaspora across a wide spectrum of creative disciplines, ranging across music, visual art, culinary arts, community-based projects, poetry and literature, technology and design, and research. Past interviewees or profile subjects have included Bohan Phoenix, Sally Wen Mao, Chen Chen, Zen Cho, Lucas Sin, Qu Leilei, R.F. Kuang, Wing On Wo & Co., Dr. Joyce Hsiang, Patty Chang, K-Ming Chang, Stephanie H. Shih, Laura Fong Prosper, Andrew Thomas Huang, June Xie, Ginger Root, Yanyi, Chong Yan Chuah and many more.

We see our project as part of a larger network building solidarity and community with diasporic and marginalized peoples. If our mission speaks to you or your organization and you are interested in collaborating with us, please reach out to sinethetamag@gmail.com.


Editor-in-Chief: Jiaqi Kang 亢嘉琪 (Switzerland/UK)

Managing Editor: Lis Chi Siegel 朱明慧 (USA/UK)

Senior Editors: Clarissa Grace Chang 张云晖 (Sweden/USA), Yue Chen 谌玥 (USA), Laetitia Keok 郭煜琪 (Singapore)

Web Editor: Hayley Wu 胡禧怡 (Hong Kong/USA/UK)

Assistant Web Editor: Joanne Zou 邹影佼 (Australia)

Junior Editors: Stella Li 李静怡 (USA), Eli Hsieh 解汶 (USA/Japan)

Senior Designers: Julia Cheng 郑家丽 (USA)

Junior Designers: Caroline Mao 毛宇晨 (USA)

Web Designer: Jess Liu 刘韶洁 (USA)

Web Content Intern: Kenneth Li 李国印 (USA)

Editorial Interns: Jewel Cao 曹畅 (Canada), Fiona Jin 金芙源 (USA)

Design Interns: Anson Lin 林沿山 (USA), Stephanie Sosa 張黛芬 (USA)

Publicity Intern: Janelle Li 李诗扬 (USA)

Workshop Coordinator: Stephanie Chang 張雅雯 (Canada/USA)

Staff Contributors: Juliette Wu 伍家荟 (USA/China), Yang Gao (UK), Miki Wong 黄美棋 (Malaysia)

sinθ magazine is grateful for the support of its patrons, without which it would not be here today.

With thanks to: Acorn, Adeline, Aishu Amarnath, Alice Tirard, Alina Abidi, Amber, Anny, Ari, Arron Luo, Benjamin Jiang, bidhya limbu, Burgi Zenhaeusern, Celeste, Chelsea Shieh, Chen Chen, Chengzhi, Claire Soh, daisuke shen, David John Lowry, dez, Divya Koroada, Dri Tattersfield, Fei Li, George Iskander, Giorno Giovanna, Haolun Xu, Ian, Jasmine Wang, Jessica Agostinelli, Jewel Cao, Johnny Zavala, Jonathan Pan, Josh, Joyce, Joyce Lu, juliana, Kathleen Quaintance, Kevin Geng, Kevin Lu, Kit Xiong, Kwan-Ann Tan, Leela Jadhav, Lily Zhou, Marisa Lin, Melissa Wang, Minying Huang, Qianze Zhang, Rachel, Rowan Wilson, San, shen yuan, Shu-Ling Chua, Spencer Chang, Stephanie Tom, Suyeon Hong, Sydney Trieu, t.n, Weihui Lu, Zhanduo Xie

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