独自觉醒。。。to wake up of one's own accord; to be made aware; you're awake–you're alone.

Submissions to Sine Theta Magazine's 22nd issue, themed “LUCID 醒“ are officially open! Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, Sine Theta Magazine is a paying publication - all contributors will be paid $10 USD per piece. Read our submission guidelines for more details.

You wake as a butterfly as a person as a butterfly. What are you–a butterfly dream of a person, or the personified mode of a butterfly? You won't find the answer in this prose; it may have character, but the author is long dead and so is speech once written. This issue asks for works which beat the Turing test–or even better, works which chew up the Turing test and leave it hanging. Give us your best articulations of root-based sentience. Send us something with lots! of! exclamation! points! We want the visual equivalent of that moment when it all makes sense, has made sense all along, and will make sense for the rest of least for now.

Submissions are due SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 11:59 PM PDT to for full consideration of your work(s). Visit our submissions guidelines for more details. Feel free to DM or email us with any questions you may have; we welcome pitches ahead of time!

Verbal prompts: dreams and nightmares - sleepwalking - dream sharing - lucid dreaming - sleep patterns and cycles - paprika (2006) / dream of the red chamber - stages of completeness - finishing the unfinished - stories within stories - stories of stones / awakenings - radicalisations - transformations - comings of age / hypnosis - trances - folk medicines - alternative medicines / sentience in the non-human - spinach that sends emails - artificial intelligence - virtual universes - mind vs matter / coffee and tea - stimulants / exclamations and exhilarations